Complex Decongestive (lymphoedema) therapy is the most effective way to treat lymphoedema and includes the following five areas:

  • Education and psycho-social support – to help you understand your lymphatic system and how to best manage and live with lymphoedema;
  • Skincare – well-nourished skin can better protect itself against the effects of chronic oedema;
  • Exercise – is safe, helpful and protective for those at risk of or living with lymphoedema;
  • Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage –a personalised MLD plan can be devised based on how your lymphatic system is working and can be used in combination with the four other strategies;
  • Compression therapy – is the most effective strategy to keep the tissue fluid moving and keep the swelling well controlled.

All five areas are important, so a combination of options that works for the individual is optimal rather than just focusing on a single aspect of management.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a specific massage technique that is light, rhythmical and very relaxing. Most importantly, it’s an extremely effective lymphoedema treatment.

Actions of Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

  • Removes excess fluid;
  • Reduces inflammation and pain;
  • Activates the immune system;
  • Moves fats and proteins to the nodes and lymphatic organs for processing and eventually is released via the kidneys;
  • Engages the parasympathic nervous system to allow the body to heal, rest and digest.

For primary & secondary lymphoedema

  • Activates the lymphatic system to remove fluid from the limb/limbs;
  • Breaks down fibrosis and thickening in the tissue so the lymphatics can flow through freely;
  • Lymphatic drainage also supports the function of the vascular system.

For lipoedema

  • Reduces sensitivity and pain caused by lipoedema;
  • Improves lymphatic flow.

For traumatic oedema

  • Reduces swelling
  • Decreases pain;
  • Helps activate the immune system to heal the injury.

For post-surgical oedema/swelling, including cosmetic surgery

  • Reduces swelling;
  • Decreases pain;
  • Improves range of motion and joint mobility;
  • Helps activate the immune system to heal the wound, break down scar tissue and decrease recovery time.

For rheumatoid arthritis

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Reduces pain.

For shoulder bursitis

  • Decreases pain;
  • Decreases inflammation;
  • Improves range of motion.

For wound healing

  • Stimulates the immune system to heal faster;
  • Reduce effects from scar tissue building up.

For scar treatment / radiotherapy adhesions

  • Softens the scar tissue allowing more movement and range of motion;
  • Breaks down adhesions which gives great relief.

For pain caused by inflammation

Inflammation causes pain. Removing the inflammation with lymphatic drainage removes the pain.

For general inflammation

  • Increases energy;
  • Increases general well-being of the body;
  • Improves the immune response;
  • Transports the lymph load to detoxification organs such as the liver and kidneys.

For constipation

Increases bowel motility.

For fatigue

  • Increases energy;
  • Supports detoxification of organs to eliminate toxins thereby improving energy function;
  • Activates the immune system for optimal functioning.

For anxiety & stress

Manual lymphatic drainage directly stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system activating the rest, digest and heal response. This is always a positive side-effect, allowing the body to heal effectively.

The lymphatic system is part of the body’s immune system and works closely with the vascular system. Its role is fluid exchange, immune activation, isolation of bacteria, pathogens and foreign substances.

The lymph contains water, proteins, fats, cells and foreign substances. When the lymphatic system is functioning at is optimum, we notice no specific changes in our body, however when it is compromised, that’s when changes begin.

A compromised lymphatic system will present early with:

  • slight changes to the feeling of the limb;
  • the limb may feel slightly fuller or heavier;
  • there may be a restriction of movement;
  • clothing, shoes or jewellery may seem tighter;
  • the limb aches at the end of the day.

Education and awareness are key to avoiding lymphoedema from occurring, or if it does, to treat very quickly to prevent it from getting worse.

The South Coast Lymphatic Clinic’s priority focus is to identify lymphoedema triggers and assist with lymphoedema prevention. Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is an extremely effective lymphoedema treatment.

(CDT) is an intensive program that combines many different treatment approaches, including bandaging, compression garments, manual lymphatic drainage, exercise, and self-care.

  • Decompensated cardiac insufficiency;
  • Cardiac oedema;
  • Congestive heart failure;
  • Thrombosis or recent history of deep vein thrombosis;
  • Acute infection caused by pathogenic germs (bacteria, fungi, viruses);
  • Acute renal failure.

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